Nachdem Seamus sein Domino Debütalbum „The Curious Hand“ Ende 2017 veröffentlicht hatte, begann er Anfang diesen Jahres an neuen Songs zu arbeiten.

Wie alles begann, erklärt er so: “I put a crappy drum machine, a crappier synth and a cheap guitar in a plastic bag and took myself off to a cottage in a restored famine village on the Southwest coast of Ireland to write. I came back to London refreshed, having written no songs, and went out for a few drinks with my friend Ed Dowie after which we challenged each other to write something new every two weeks. I trawled through various phone recordings I’d made while on my (non)writing trip, hoping to find some magic fragment, and I found a line about an old suit which I’d written while reflecting on the loss of my friend Willie Meighan. I wanted to make something a bit different from the album (except for Emma Smith’s strings which go on everything), so I took a chance and asked Mike Lindsey if he’d lend an ear or two and help mix and produce the track, and this is what we ended up with.”

Auf der „Old Suit EP“ findet sich außerdem der neue Track „Song for John“ (eine Ode an John Martyn und dem „sing off“, das Seamus und er einst hatten) und zwei Remixe: Der erste von Django Danjgo, der  zweite von Label-Kollegen Yorkston.

All das wird Seamus Fogarty auf seiner Tour durch UK, Irland und dem europäischen Festland mitbringen. Am 05. Februar 2019 kommt er bei uns in Hamburg in der Nochtwache vorbei.



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