Nina & Sara started their collaboration in 2019 with the release of their  first single “I’m gonna live”. Their mutual love for RnB, Hip-Hop and  Soul music and it’s ability to lift people up and give them hope is what  really brought them together.

In 2020 they released the EP named not good enough.” An idea that  haunts any creator at some point was so overwhelming for the two they  had to make a song about it to let go of it. Through the process of  making and releasing the EP they hoped to let go of the pessimistic,  fearful and doubt-obsessed mind and make space for the creative  energy to flow more freely and express themselves fearlessly. They’re  currently working on an album that would reflect that new mindset.

The first ever live performance was with a live band but after some time  they went back to how it all started in the first place – just the two of  them. The ongoing joke is that their live performances are a sort of  group therapy with the songs sharing something that’s inside all of us,  in a way that evokes understanding and empathy. With the groove, it  is the perfect combination. Music that moves you and MOVES you, if  you know what I mean ;)


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